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Valle de San Juan has its origins in Villarrabé. It is a small hamlet located in the region of Páramo in the province of Palencia, where Juan Manuel Rodríguez, businessman and entrepreneur, sows in 1998 the seed of a family project. Today Valle de San Juan is present throughout the length and breadth of the Spanish geography. Several decades in search of excellence in the manufacture of Castilian cheeses made in the traditional way, with raw milk from the native sheep of this land, always from the perspective of innovation, safety and sustainable growth.

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Throughout history


Valle de San Juan is founded


Adquisition of the manufacturing plant in Villarrabé


Factory expansion


Valle de San Juan becomes a specialist supplier to Mercadona



Acquisition of a new manufacturing plant in Palencia


Start-up of the second cheese plant in Palencia


Going abroad: international expansion


The origin of the milk for our cheeses is located in Vega Valdavia. When you have a high quality raw material everything is easier. Palencia is a land of biodiversity, with an endless number of landscape, orographic and even climatic alternatives. Our province has large areas dedicated to agriculture. It also has a herd of cattle capable of producing the best milk. Nowadays, this Castilian area is the origin of much of the raw material used by large companies in the dairy sector in Spain.


Valle de San Juan cheeses are mostly made from raw sheep’s milk. With this background, accompanied by a slow and rigorous cheese curing process in our cellars, we obtain an ideal combination, which results in a large family of dry cheeses. This provides us that particular “bouquet” that only raw sheep’s milk can offer us. More than 20 years in the dairy sector give us a proven experience and wisdom in the search for the best cheese.


Valle de San Juan has become a model company from a productive and hygienic-sanitary point of view. All its facilities are pioneers in technological innovation, with a wise combination of temperature-controlled conservation elements, classification and manual treatment of each piece throughout the process.

Quality and Food Safety

Valle de San Juan has modern facilities located in Palencia and Villarrabé, which are recognized as pioneers and benchmarks in food technology and safety. As specialist suppliers of Mercadona, we are in line with the TOTAL QUALITY Model. In addition, Valle de San Juan is IFS and BRC FOOD certified. The continuous training of our employees and the use of clean energies in our manufacturing processes are other of our firm commitments, always in pursuit of excellence in our product.

million kg of production


active production facilities

Our location in the paramo of Palencia provides us the best raw material, the milk

Juan Manuel Rodríguez • CEO Valle de San Juan

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Do you want to join our team?

Do you want to join our team?

Valle de San Juan Palencia is a family business from Palencia. We work with our sight set on the future, maintaining a firm commitment to people, our main driving force, to innovation, food safety, quality and sustainable growth. Do you want to...

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CECALE Award Ceremony

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