Our Cheeses


Aged cheese

Long-cured sheep’s cheese with a high odour intensity. Firm texture and 12 months ripening.

Smoked cheese

Raw milk sheep’s cheese. Dominated by the smell of beech smoke . Creamy texture and ripening for 6 months.

Old Creamy

Cheese made with raw sheep’s milk, with a dark brown rind and a creamy texture.

From raw sheep’s milk and after a slow and rigorous ripening process, the result is a large family of dry cheeses with that particular “bouquet” that only raw sheep’s milk can offer us.

Blended cheese

Olive oil

Cheese made from a blend of raw milks with a mild smell, creamy on the palate, with the sensory impact of extra virgin olive oil. Ripened for 9 months.

Old intense

Cheese made from the three species of raw milk.
Medium odour intensity and a firm texture with a ripening period of 8 months.