Olive oil

Smooth, creamy and sensory

Cheese made from a blend of raw milks with a mild smell, creamy on the palate, with the sensory impact of extra virgin olive oil. Ripened for 9 months. It has an ivory colour on the inside. White rind. Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep refrigerated.

*This product can only be found in the Mercadona supermarket chain.


Raw milk from cow (min 70%), sheep (min 15%), goat (min 5%), salt, rennet, lactic ferments, stabiliser and egg-derived preservative. Coated with extra virgin olive oil. Inedible rind: contains preservatives and colouring. Origin of the milk: Spain.

Nutritional information

Energy value: 1.777 kJ/424,1 kcal
Fats: 35 g
of which saturated: 26,3 g
Carbohydrates: 1,4 g
of which sugars: < 1,4 g
Protein: 26,3 g
Salt: 1,86 g


Dairy products



Whole piece

1/2 piece

1/8 piece

It has an ivory coloured inside with a white rind

Medium-high odour intensity, together with a prominent oil odour

High intensity in the mouth. With a slightly spicy finish due to the olive oil

Creamy texture that changes during maceration with oil

Tasting star


For food pairing, solid foods are used to enhance or contrast with the cheese to be tasted in company or in garnishes for dishes


When it comes to presentation, it is important how it is cut (wedges, sticks, cubes,…), always at room temperature and with a few hours of oxygenation